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    Kink.com- Darling Contorted, and Orgasmed to Oblivion

    Kink.com- Darling Contorted, and Orgasmed to Oblivion Description: Welcome back Darling to Device Bondage. Its strange how this amazing girl has only been here once since the site opened. Not strange - more like a shame. This girl has booming huge breasts, a tight athletic...
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    Kink.com- Rain DeGreyOrgasmal Carnage

    Kink.com- Rain DeGreyOrgasmal Carnage Description: Words can not describe what happens to this sexually crazed nympho when she is made to cum, over and over and over. It is simply beyond our vocabulary to do it justice. We can only just describe what we did to her - you have...
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    Kink.com- Cherry Torn

    Kink.com- Cherry Torn Description: Cherry Torn is very beautiful with a fantastic natural body She is no stranger to intense bondage play but Claire Adams makes sure she experiences some new sensations. Another great update with creative bondage and interesting corporal...
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    Kink.com- The Training of Harmony Rose, Day Two

    Kink.com- The Training of Harmony Rose, Day Two Description: Training Report Training Goals: Patience Claustrophobia Orgasm Control Composure Recommendations: Wake her at 7 AM to workout with Tomcat. Push her through hard calisthenics and exercises designed to improve her...
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    Kink.com- Cramped

    Kink.com- Cramped Description: ** Cramped **This two part update contains scenes with both Sara Faye and Alexa Von Tess. Each is put through their own personal bondage hell. Alexa is strapped down to the floor, her knees spread wide, arms strappado with a tight harness gag...
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    Kink.com- COLLECTION: The new series

    Kink.com- COLLECTION: The new series Description: After kinks acquisition of the Armory building I decided I just had to start a new Collection. With all that space it would be a shame not to put it to use. This time I can store as many girls as I want, and each girl will be...